Career Preparation Registration

Registration Dates: Registration is by appointment only. 

Please email or Call (248) 449-1717) to discuss your registration and set up an appointment.

In-Building Registration
When you come to an in building registration, we require:

  • Masks will be required to register in person.
  • Please complete the information in the packet below before you come in.
  • Bring a photo ID (Driver's license or similar)
  • Bring birth certificate 
  • Minors must be accompanied by an adult 
  • If you have any questions, please call ahead to our office during the registration window to confirm.

Registration Information
*Enrollment to Novi Career Preparation High School is determined on a case-by-case basis due to limited availability. Students must be 17 or older and must meet with an administrator to determine eligibility for acceptance.*

  • Fax an official copy of your most current high school transcript BEFORE REGISTRATION to 248 449 1719 or email to


  • Official copy of your most recent high school transcript
  • Photo ID or Birth Certificate
  • Immunization Records IF pupil is under 18.

Students under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Students with an IEP must make an individual appointment and must provide a copy of the IEP (all pages and both sides).

Questions can be emailed to Note that the office is closed during the summer, so email is the only method of communication which will be seen.

Program Information
Our student population  age ranges from 17 -20 years old. We recognize that all students have different learning styles, abilities and circumstances that impact the completion of your educational goals. At Novi Career Preparation High School, we offer a flexible schedule that will allow students to maximize their options to complete their high school education. We offer the opportunity for our students to graduate with a high school diploma. We celebrate that accomplishment by hosting a graduation ceremony attended by our school administration, school board and teachers. Novi Career Preparation High School helps our students move forward to obtain a life- sustaining career one class at a time.

If you are interested in learning more about our program and the flexibility we can provide, call and schedule an appointment to learn more. Students can attend full or part time classes. We offer a schedule that provides opportunities to  take courses that are taught by highly qualified  teachers. Our program is unique in that we have small class sizes, that allow teachers to give students  more individualized attention. Classes include the lesson, of the day, assignment(s) and the time to work. Additionally, we offer online courses using E2020.  

Frequently Asked Questions

When do classes start?
Tuesday, September 8, 2020 and will be held at the ITC building. Students can earn up to two (2) credits per quarter. Free for students who are not attending any other school. A minimum of 2 credits (4 classes) are required for all non-district students enrolling in our program (does not include credit recovery). Novi residents are required to take a minimum of 1 credit (2 classes) to enroll in our program (does not include credit recovery). 

Do we offer Credit Recovery?
Students who need to recover credit can register for classes in the evening aslong as they have a signed counselor form (see the word form below) l. Tuition is $249 for Novi district students and $295 for out of district students and is due at registration. Classes may be cancelled due to insufficient enrollment. 

How do I enroll?
The process involves a  meeting  to review transcripts, identify student academic goals, answer questions and assess if we are the best fit for you. Our goal is offer a positive learning environment that leads to student success and a Novi high school diploma.

What do I need?
 1. A copy of your updated transcript.

2. If you are a minor a parent must accompany you to register.

3. Immunization records if you are under the age of 19 are required.

4. A photo id, driver's license or a birth certificate.

Students seeking credit recovery will need to have a  form completed by their counselor prior to registration. 

What if I have further questions?

Please email for more information.