National Alternative and Adult Honor Society

National  Alternative & Adult Education Honor Society


In 1991, an Adult Ed practitioner organized the first NAEHS  (National Adult Education Honor Society) ceremony to provide meaningful recognition to 17 deserving adults.

An " induction ceremony"  was held with 17 certificates awarded.  Everyone who witnessed that first ceremony was so impressed by the impact it had on students, families and friends, it caught the attention of the public and was reported in a local paper. Once published, other Adult Educators began to call for information about this honor society. Word began to spread around the state and the rest is history.

As the program gained popularity, it was decided to award lapel pins and a letter of recommendation that can be used in a work portfolio or  submit  with a college application. Some programs even use honor cords at graduation as recognition of an honors graduate. 

Today, NAEHS has a full-time director and staff to meet the needs from Alaska to  Maine, and from California to Florida, because they also believe adult educators should give recognition to  deserving students.

Novi Alternative High School and Novi Adult Education is proud to be recognized as a NAEHS charter site as of September 2013. 

Student Eligibility

All Alternative High School and Adult Education students are eligible including:

Literacy, ESOL, ABE, ESL, HSD and GED. 

Students are nominated by their teacher based on the following areas:

  • Attendance
  • Cooperation
  • Work Ethic 


Members receive a formal congratulatory letter from the NAEHS. In addition, students receive a certificate of recognition as a NAEHS inductee that can be used in a college application or work portfolio. Further, students who graduate in our program who receive this honor proudly wear honor cords at graduation.