Adult ESL


Novi Community Schools recently purchased the former Walsh satellite building in Novi.  All Adult ESL classes will be held at 41500 Garden Brook Road, Novi MI 48375 beginning in September 2021. We will be sharing more information as we complete our move! Please check back for updates on the new space.

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Coming Soon!

We are currently working on a summer Adult ESL course offerings in July 2021. Detailed information will be posted shortly.

We are currently offering Conversation Classes on Fridays for current students. We are offering open available seats to students who tested out for language practice, this is a free class. If interested  email and see if there is availability to participate in the class.

Upcoming Registrations  - Fall 2021  To Be Determined

Thank you so much for your interest in our program during this difficult year! Our classes will begin in September. We will post more information and a link to the sign-up page in June. Please check back then!

If you have any questions about upcoming registration dates or program activities please feel free to email


ESL Classes and COVID-19

We are currently teaching ESL instruction in person two days a week for a total of six (6) hours

Classrooms will be installed so that desks are 6 feet away. Everyone will be required to wear face masks. Temperatures will be checked at the door. Start times will be staggered; for example, Level 1 will start at 9:00 am, Level 2 will start at 9:15 am, etc. Laptops and books will be assigned to one student.


To Register for our classes go to:   

Novi ESL Registration at Eventbrite

There are NO registration dates  posted at Eventbrite for Fall 2021.

Students who are interested in our class must sign-up at Eventbrite to attend one of our registration sessions. If you do not have an Eventbrite ticket, we cannot allow you to register! Space is limited so we must ask you to sign-up in advance. 

These sessions are about two hours long. Please bring one form of photo ID (a passport or drivers license is fine). You will receive information about the class and take two tests. The tests are used to place students into seats in our classes. There is no fee for the registration section. 

We will email everyone who came to registration. We admit as many students as we are able to, using a lottery system to determine who will get seats if we are over capacity.

We will provide more scheduling information as we get closer to the beginning of term. 

Contact for more information.

ADULT ESL Program Information

As part of our commitment to fulfill the learning goals of our community, we are proud to offer Adult ESL classes. Offered weekly during the school year, we offer four levels of second language instruction in an immersive environment. 
Our first three levels are focused on grammar, writing and speaking exercises to assist students in reaching their English language goals.
Our fourth level is largely conversation focused, helping students continue to improve as they use their language skills.
We are additionally proud to offer several supplementary courses including an Evening class two days a week, a once-a-week supplemental conversation class and Providence Community Class.  
All classes run September through May.
Levels one, two and three run in two sections, either Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday.
Level four is offered three days a week. These classes, as well as our evening class, are offered based on a placement test given twice a year, in September and January. 
No placement test is required for our Field Trip or Conversation options and these classes are open to new students during the year.